Moth to Moth Communication Mystical Vintage Posters and Cards

Designs inspired by natural history engravings from the world’s first encyclopedia published by Diderot during the age of the enlightenment. Great symbol of communication, reaching out, partnership, etc…

Two Moths Greeting Card - Diderot's Encylopedia cardThe engraving of the moth  is adapted from an engraving from Diderot’s Encyclopaedia published circa 1770.  The Encyclopedie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonne des Sciences, des Arts et des Metiers, published in Paris between 1762-1777. A masterpiece of the Enlightment Age, it set out all the knowledge of the day, and was a first attempt to document the techniques of mechanical production for objects used in everyday life. Scholars from around the world, including Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson submitted chapters. Denis Diderot was a French philosopher, and man of letters, and the chief editor of the L’Encyclopédie, one of the principal achievements of the Age of Enlightenment. He was a a friend of the great minds of his age including Goethe, Rousseau, and Hume. A freethinker, Diderot challenged the authority of the Church and criticized the French system of government.
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